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You are thinking about leveraging the productivity of your team, and ensuring a fundamental understanding of client- and server-side development concepts for Aurea CRM... Don't miss the chance to book a course of your need!

Extension development

If somebody sells you the product that knows everything, might be a good sales person, but you don't have the software solution at the end of the day, that fits your needs, and your business is simply struggling to make progress with a generic approach.
Extend your existing products with the missing solutions!

Research & Development

It's time to break through your limitations and develop your future. We start to work there, where other has failed. Doesn't matter if your next dream is about applying cutting-edge technologies...
Why are you still waiting for that 'right' moment?


Comprehensive understanding
is the key to success...

Solution Engineering

Nowadays in the mass of services and applications only a clean and accurate plan can lead to a robust and sustainable software solution. We take this challenge seriously and you profit from our past experiences and self-confident decision making.

Fullstack development

If the understanding is separated to frontend and backend, conflicts of concepts might come up soon and the development progress is often compromised to the lowest common denominator. Generic and abstract approaches result in significant overheads with delayed confrontation of the real issue.
We have a deep understanding of the whole scenario and open ears for your entire story, not just for the part of it.

Born to educate & help

One size fits all! (this attempt never works!)
With tailoring courses for specific needs we try to prepare teams for their daily challenges with either fundamental or deep-level understanding of the development concepts of Aurea CRM and its frameworks.

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